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By THE RIB KAGE, Jul 13 2018 03:59AM

There is no such thing as Hurry up when it comes to art! "I want my skull done right now" Want in one hand and well...we all know how that goes. Good things take time and if you dont understand that then I surely can't help you! I will not rush my work as I take great pride in creating beauttiful pieces so please as time passes there is a great reason for it! I will contact you along the way and update you, I try to refrain from sending many images as with all art the first steps seem so odd and they may throw you off to what the finished product will look like and may actually discourage and upset some people. However if its a must, of course I will send them absolutely! Just be forwarned they always look strange in the begining. There is a wait period yes, As will any business, those who have paid recieve priority . Thank you All!

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