Materials, drift wood stick from the Umpqua river, Genuine Arizona Coyote Skull. Fox, Coyote, Rabbit and Badger fur, Red Wyandotte rooster saddle feathers, dipped goose feathers, blue abalone, Pine disks, Antler disks, mule deer antler handle, black and teal seed beads, hand beaded wrap, goat rawhide,Genuine leather, sterling silver and turquoise bead accents, Elk Sinew Wild Rio Grand turkey Feathers, polyurethane seal on Skull, stick and Antler ** All other materials have been left natural. Coyote Skull is packed with white sage leaves. 

Measurements -

22.5 inches tall, skull to base not including top feathers*

Coyote Skull * 7.5" Nose to top

3.5" Socket to socket (Eyes)


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Sioux Ceremonial Staff

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