Gourd, Acrylic Paint, Cowrie Shells, Glass beads, Leather, Pheasant feathers, antlers, horns, Rabbit Pelt


Light Rain Rattle Gourd, Native american Design, comes with double Mule deer antler Base/Stand and Auburn Rabbit pelt. Gourd Accents- Cowrie Shells, Real Leather, Deer Skin, Sterling silver Cone caps, Glass beads, Pheasant feathers, wooden beads Acrylic Paint with a polyurethane seal.

Individual Item Measurements:

Pelt- measures 20 tall x 12.5 inches wide

Antlers- 18.5 Length x 14 inches Wide

Gourd 10.5 Inch Height 8 inches wide x 28" Circumference at widest point


Light Rattle Gourd

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$275.00Sale Price